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Searching for people’s potential

di Gianni Cicogna

Talents. Searching for people’s potential – Gianni Cicogna




The traveler finds what he doesn’t seek. Traveler in every circumstance of life, therefore aware of having found everything when he wasn’t even looking for it.


Gianni follows this attitude, entrusting the search for new destinations to the last, beyond the boundaries of predictability. He chooses to unroll the scroll of his life by going through the stages and central points of his reflections on the subject of Human Resources, showing us ups and downs, with the aim of suggesting a guide that goes beyond the classic approaches with the story of the discovery of one’s talent as a starting point for intercepting and listening to those of others.


Thus, the reader will participate in a journey that is a journey of life and will reflect, together with the author, chapter after chapter, on how much talent can find shape and color in the intimacy of the soul and in sincere and constant dialogue with oneself.

Gianni Cicogna was born in Umbria in July 1962, in the 90s he discovered his vocation for technology applied to people management and development.


In 2000 he decided to devote himself to this path, as an entrepreneur. In 2003 he designed the first version of the Human Resources management software, GURU.


He deals with methodologies and tools (LIVREA software) to help recognize and develop the talents present in each person, enhancing the individual and the company in which he works.


To make his dream come true, he is at the helm of Smartpeg with the same spirit with which one drives a sailboat, his great passion, with his eyes fixed on promising horizons. </p >



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