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Take care of your People to enhance and develop individual Talents and organizational well-being

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Develop your Talents, empower your company

Simplify and transform the HR function to enhance individual Talents. Engage and motivate your People to increase organizational well-being with a Soft Skills Based approach.

All HR processes

in one software

Unique HR database, Health and Safety, Performance Evaluation, Development and Training

GURU UP is the solution that enhance the employee experience: it simplifies, speeds up, and organizes your work, allowing to dedicate more time to your people.

Modular, scalable, user friendly,, multilingual, it integrates information from existing in-use software, flexible in adapting to your company’s needs, fully configurable and customizable.

Save time with us and take care of your People

The unique

Talent Experience Platform

The right Person in the right place

Change the way to enhance individual Talents with Soft Skills, Hard Skills and Personality Assessment (Skill Mapping), dynamic and integrated 360° Feedback, with a data-driven approach.


the new way to ensure employee awareness

By your side in just 3 steps to empower your company


HR processes mapping


Organizational well-being and business climate analysis


People enhancement path

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Develop your Talents, enhance your company

Sviluppa i tuoi Talenti, potenzia la tua azienda

We are all born full of potential and with specific personal attitudes

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company revenue
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talent retention
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The success of every Person, the success of every company

Start looking at your company from another perspective

Customers trust us

“With LIVREA we have captured elements of Personality and Soft Skills in our people. According to the highlighted performances, the work groups created with Dream Team have increased results from +17% up to +24%”
Prof. Roberto Verdone
“With LIVREA, we have changed the way we create and manage work teams. Each person has the best role to fully express their skills and abilities, improving performance and company climate”
Chiara Caldarola
Ag. Generali Peruzzi & Lunghi
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