Look around!

What you are looking for may already be at your disposal, you just have to discover it and enhance it.

Look in your company among the resources present. Talents are individual resources, specific characteristics of each person.

Get to know people, first for what they are, and then for what they do.

G.U.R.U.  is the software solution that allows you to discover and enhance Talents, you are spending money on something you have already paid for: people and their skills.

Talents and skills help You put the right person in the right place.

Talents are characteristics of each person, nobody is without them.

The skills acquired complete and enhance the personal Qualities.

The Quality of Your company is determined by the Quality of the people.

Increase business results, Grow the value of your company, enhancing human resources thanks to the G.U.R.U.


The central role of G.U.R.U., based on the balance between value and management, allows you to optimize times and consequently to reduce costs.

G.U.R.U., through the experience of its creators:

  • identifies and guides the Talents, the Human Resources propellent
  • manages the HR main processes and activities in a single platform

Talents are the resource to achieve one’s goals, management is the means of transport.

G.U.R.U. it’s your GPS.

Do you know your potential, your strengths and those of your collaborators?

G.U.R.U.  molds itself on the essence of Your organization allowing you to manage the various activities in real time, from recruitment to staff evaluation, from document management to the organization of company training courses and integrates everything that is inherent in the activity of people, concentrating all the information in one place, always at your disposal.

With G.U.R.U.   in a few clicks, you can see how, where and when you want a snapshot of Your organization, in balance between heart and mind.

G.U.R.U. Health
G.U.R.U. Sanità
G.U.R.U. manages training in Healthcare with a dedicated module that incorporates the rules relating to Continuing Medical Education, with attribution and monitoring of ECM credits.
G.U.R.U. Public Administration
G.U.R.U. Public Administration
G.U.R.U. manages the individual evaluation, the organizational evaluation and the evaluation of the citizen by implementing the Madia Law of 7 August 2015, n. 124, on the reform of the Public Administration.
G.U.R.U. Banks
G.U.R.U. Banks
G.U.R.U. meets the needs of a modern banking institution, with functions related to the areas of Selection, Evaluation, Training, Health and Safety, for a lean management and an efficient organization.

The Evaluation of personnel in the Public Administration and in Healthcare has been a regulatory obligation since 2009, as well as being one of the fundamental moments for assessing whether a person is suitable or not for a specific role or specific assignment.

Evaluation facilitates professionals in identifying their strengths and areas where improvement is needed.

The horizontal, reciprocal evaluation among colleagues who cover the same hierarchical level, the bottom-up evaluation, carried out by the collaborators towards their superiors and the self-assessment, observations that the appraiser gives of their own work, provide a contribution of everything the staff in the analysis of the coordinators’ capacities and can be useful, in the final evaluation phase, to have a general picture of the progress of the whole course.

How can you manage everything quickly and efficiently?

G.U.R.U. offers you the solution that allows you to manage all the whole process of Evaluation and Training through the engagement of the people involved.

G.U.R.U. is a software accessible to all people by roles. People participate and can access to consult their data, all the actors of the company participate in the final script.

G.U.R.U. helps you to encourage productivity and efficiency it allows you to respond to innovative challenges, to measure the level of performance with traceable and reliable outcome data and to verify the effectiveness of the training offer.

G.U.R.U.  allows You to unify information about your collaborators in a single platform, to simplify activities related to their classification, reducing data management times and related costs.

G.U.R.U.  automates the entire process of staff Assessment, eliminates paper and manual data management, eliminates the entire internal sorting phase of documents and communication; the data is analyzed with statistical estimates, personalized reports and, only later, they are stored in personal profiles. Each data managed by G.U.R.U. automatically increases and updates the person’s card.

G.U.R.U. manages training in all its aspects, including direct and indirect costs. It starts from the management of training plans, passing through the courses, up to managing the individual modules and editions, monitoring participation and managing communications. It is possible to print the certificates and the participation certificates and to monitor the training carried out by the people even outside the organization itself. The G.U.R.U. software in Healthcare manages the E.C.M. CREDITS for each profile and for each resource.

G.U.R.U.  is born from the need to manage people as a set of Talents, and from the awareness of the value that individuals bring to the company, not as simple numbers to add up:

– The Goal in Public Administration is to transform administrative constraints into an opportunity for growth.

– The Utility is to help the organization move from a freshman administration to a management of People.

G.U.R.U.  does not register the Person as a freshman, but takes into consideration the persons in relation to the company, can register the staff of yesterday, today, tomorrow, manage the various information of the collaborators: ceased, candidates, employee, manager, administrative, considering all the possible roles.

G.U.R.U.  guarantees you a high quality software to be able to manage both the tangible aspects of the collaborator, acquiring payroll data, attendance, the role, the job, and the intangible aspects: skills, knowledge, talents and personal qualities.

G.U.R.U.  manages non-freshmen.

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