Le persone di successo sono persone comuni con abitudini di sucesso

«I want to be better, not the best», this is the success philosophy behind Smartpeg

The words of Gianni Cicogna – CEO of Smartpeg – well summarize the spirit and purpose of a successful business model.

Creating successful realities depends heavily on effective operating standards constantly supported by knowledge, evaluation, self-assessment and lifelong learning.


Enhancing all employees makes their action more efficient, consequently making the whole company more efficient; especially in SMEs, despite the contained employment dimensions, there are often difficulties on the awareness, method and purposes of human resource management.

If it is clear to everyone that continuous training is essential for personal, professional and business growth, less obvious is the existence of a precise framework, a “mapping” of the skills and potential of people (and therefore of the company).

The phrase “I want to be better, not the best” is the fulcrum of professional evaluation within the company, pushing to overcome sterile competition to favour instead an enrichment aimed at personal and common growth.

Italy is a taillight in the evaluation and self-evaluation systems, thus creating the enormous criticality of resources that are not fully valued, efficient, motivated and above all not fully aware of what they could manage to do!

The parable of talents echoes in the mind, as simple as it is difficult to put into practice in companies that are often unaware of the real level of knowledge and skills of their collaborators.

In 1754 Naples saw the birth of the first chair of economics in the world, entrusted to the abbot and philosopher Antonio Genovesi who changed its name from “Commerce and Mechanics” to “Civil Economy”; it is precisely the latter that must be restarted.

A civil economy and linked to ethics which leads to practices aimed at the synergistic development of the reality in which we operate and the growth of the people of the companies; the enhancement of individuals from a group perspective, the support aimed at establishing those successful habits to which Brian Tracy refers.

The motivation for the growth of human resources is not only ethical, but also economic: having satisfied, motivated and continuously trained “people” is convenient for companies in terms of efficiency, therefore of turnover!


G.U.R.U. – acronym for Unified Human Resources Management – goes beyond the simple management of information of collaborators in companies; it is a modular approach to the needs of companies and satisfies a wide range of needs in the HR field, well integrating with other company information systems.

Supporting the company in the processes of: staff selection, performance evaluation and monitoring, training development, work quality management, G.U.R.U. it is a tool that fits fully into the modern vision of HRM.


Finally Glocal Economic Forum ESG89!

This is what I feel like saying, finally three days for comparisons, testimonies, proposals that come from the heart of Italy and from two regions, Umbria and Marche, which have much to say and even more could do!

The great value of these initiatives lies in the fact of bringing to this “virtual square” the themes and experiences that two regions like ours can share; but in sharing there is also the opportunity to stimulate each other, the opportunity to discover mutual talents, to understand the causes of failures but above all – and this is everyone’s responsibility – the duty to encourage the initiative to concretize the potential still to be expressed in Umbria and Marche: by companies and institutions!

We are all on the same boat and it is up to us to choose to go out into the water …

OCTOBER 11 – 16.30

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