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Smartpeg analyzes Your needs with you, designs and implements innovative technological solutions that meet Your needs.
Smartpeg’s CUSTOM SOLUTIONS area provides you with software design, implementation and maintenance services, thanks to the technological experience and operations alongside regional and national public bodies, the European Community, private companies, banks and financial intermediaries.


Some of our successes in achieving customer expectations:

SmartLab: Smartpeg has implemented for Colabeton S.p.A. a software for the definition of the recipes for the production of concrete, the management of laboratory tests and that guarantees the entire re-engineering of the laboratory system. (Digital manufacturing)

Endurance Testing: Smartpeg has developed for UmbraGroup S.p.A.  a monitoring and data collection system on systems subjected to endurance testing for information analysis for predictive maintenance. (Health monitoring)

Nuova Turismatica: Smartpeg collaborates on the project in the design and development of a software platform for the management of accommodation data, the acquisition of tourist movement data and subsequent statistical processing and related reporting. The main users of the platform are the Holders of the accommodation facilities and the Tourism Service of the Region.

S.I.SO: Smartpeg collaborates in the maintenance of the S.I.SO (Social Information System).

S.I.SO is an application platform to support a model of reception and provision of social services that aims to standardize the management of contact and the taking in charge of the citizens of the 12 Social Areas of the Umbria Region. (Social software)

S.E.RE.N.A.: Smartpeg collaborates in the development and maintenance of the S.E.RE.N.A. Platform used by the organizations of the Umbria Region’s anti-violence network for the management of exit routes from gender violence. (Social software)

AD @ WEB: Smartpeg collaborates in the maintenance of the AD @ WEB web application for the dematerialization of the legislative processes of the Umbria Region (preliminary investigation, discussion, adoption, digital signature and legal publication of the documents).

MONITORING HELPDESK Data analysis and reporting: Smartpeg collaborates in the Design and Development of a software for the management of the reporting of the financing of the European calls directly for DG REGIO – European Commission.

E-SURVEY: Smartpeg collaborates in the development of a web survey to be administered to the national experts of the various member states and to the respective Managing Authorities. The project is aimed at the study of simplified cost options in the ESF, ERDF, CF and EAFRD funds for DG REGIO – European Commission. (Software for European funds management)

VISIOSUITE: Smartpeg and Umbra Control S.r.l. together they created a software for monitoring and controlling intrusion and building automation security systems.

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