Why is counseling essential?

Because the correct management of Human Resources is the basis of every company, an adequate enhancement of people guarantees excellent corporate performance and performance.

Personal Talents are the Value of the company.

Smartpeg offers you a solution to guide people, not methods to manage freshmen.

People are not freshmen. If people are registered, they become gears in series, the Talents disappear and the assignment of roles is inappropriate.

With our advice and technology we put the Value of people at the center, because the Quality of People determines the Quality of the company.

We offer consultancy in the HR sector with the task of optimizing people’s work and performance.

Consulting creates added value and is essential to achieve new goals.

Our experience in the HR and Planning organizational sector allows us to offer you and your organization specific advice that allows you to maximize the work of the professional figures inside your company, optimizing time and streamlining costs.

Our continuously trained and updated team is at Your service.

ASSESSMENT: Analysis of the organizational situation and business needs.


Act together to find the most suitable path to enhance the Talents present in your company, and meet Your needs.

G.U.R.U., our software, allows you to automate the whole Human Resources management process thanks to a customized platform configuration.

HR PROCESS CONSULTING: HR, managerial and widespread training


Our proven experience in HR allows us to identify and meet your new needs by creating together the best development process for you.

We identify together which are the critical points of your internal process evaluation/enhancement of Human Resources and then provide managerial and widespread training in HR, on processes, systems and organization.

SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS: Integration of the G.U.R.U. within the pre-existing corporate information systems.


G.U.R.U. adapts and integrates with your business systems, optimizing efficiency and encouraging the growth of your resources.


connects the company’s production needs with the returns on the resources employed through constant monitoring of people’s professional needs.

Our task, as HR consultants, is to support your company and guarantee you:

  • Better performance
  • Versatility
  • Working well-being

Using Smartpeg technology.
Our consultancy covers all the different activities of the HR sector, with skills ranging from economics, business management, psychology and communication.
The first step is to get to know each other so we can improve!
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