The corporate values ​​are compared with the sports values

This is the title of the meeting that Thursday 11 April pv from 16:00 to 18:00 Smartpeg will hold at the Perugia office in Via Pietro Tuzi, 11.

We will share methods, technologies and testimonials of how each person can become a “successful person” through the improvement of himself and his habits.

We will present the RITMO project, a software solution that supports people and companies in the processes of:

– mapping and analysis of resource skills;

– performance monitoring;

– training development;

– quality of work management.

An exceptional guest will speak: the former volleyball player Matteo Burgsthaler, who will talk about his experience by telling practical examples and anecdotes in support of the topics covered.

“Enhancing all collaborators, to have satisfied, motivated and continuously trained” people “is convenient for companies in terms of efficiency, and therefore turnover.”

And you, what goals do you set for yourself?

 How do you want to reach them?

With what habits?

Over 40% of the actions taken by people on a daily basis derive from habits and not from decisions.

«Successful people are ordinary people with successful habits» (Brian Tracy)

How to change habits:

– set goals;

– give oneself rules;

– monitor the status of the objectives;

– correct habits.

Changing personal and working habits while maintaining the right Life – Work balance by setting goals and setting rules can lead to the achievement of one’s aspirations, the realization of one’s expectations and one’s working life.

Job Talent Show

Aboca, AST – Acciai Speciali Terni and Smartpeg are looking for you!

Do you want to participate in an experience that has never been realized in Italy and that could revolutionize your future? Do you want to know immediately if a company can offer you an opportunity? Well, if you are a graduating student, i.e. you have finished your exams and you only need a thesis, or a recent graduate, i.e. you graduated a maximum of one year ago, read the information sheets that you will find lowest regarding companies and send your Curriculum Vitae within day 11/23/2018 at 11.59 pm, in the manner that you will find described below.

Among the young people who sent the CVs best suited to the positions to be filled, finalists will be identified who, on November 29th, will participate in the Final Selection Process which will be conducted live, in the Notari room, under the guidance of the CEO and HR Manager. business. The prize? A STAGE with scholarship, aimed at hiring.

To apply for the JOB TALENT SHOW, send your CV in European format, accompanied by your photo, containing the authorization to use personal data and to record audio-video. To express these authorizations, copy and paste the following sentences at the bottom of your CV into your CV:

  • I authorize the company (insert the name of the company for which you are applying between Aboca, AST – Acciai Speciale Terni, Smartpeg srl) to the processing of my personal data pursuant to Reg. (EU) 2016/679.
  • I authorize the Umbria Region to process and use the images and audio acquired through photos and recordings within the STA-GE event that could concern me, without anything being due to me. I also authorize the possible transmission of such data through all the traditional and social media now known or of future invention for institutional purposes only. Such data could also be used by other institutional subjects, such as, for example, the European Commission or the competent Ministries

Enter Tax Code: . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Enter Place: . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Date: . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Signed (in full and recognizable) . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


The CV must be signed in original, photographed or scanned and the file must be sent to the company from which you would like to be chosen. In fact, the chosen company will manage the preliminary phases of JOB TALENT SHOW on its own and, if you are chosen for the final phase, you will participate in a public phase.

Without these authorizations and without registering with STA-GE you cannot be admitted to the JOB TALENT SHOW.

JOIN STA-GE NOW: https://www.sta-ge.it/job-talent-show/


Are you the right person? Would you like to have an opportunity?

Smartpeg offers the opportunity for a training experience in a productive company, we are looking for talents for our Perugia office located in Via Pietro Tuzi, 11.

Place of work: Perugia.

The internship has a duration of 6 months and a monthly reimbursement of expenses.



We are looking for a “User Experience” expert, able to analyse how people perceive a specific experience, digital and otherwise, to propose effective solutions to design problems ensuring a fluid usability.

Requirements Required:

Passion, result orientation, enthusiasm, curiosity, analytical skills and versatility.


We are looking for a programmer analyst in Java environment with experience of complex projects who has worked in medium-large work groups. The candidate will be given responsibility for the design and implementation of the entire life cycle of software projects.

Requirements Required:

Passion, result orientation, enthusiasm, curiosity, experience in the analysis and development of projects on Java platforms, knowledge of documentation, testing and debugging tools.


We are looking for a software developer in the development of web applications on Microsoft.NET and JavaScript platforms. The developer will be involved in all phases of the software development process (analysis, design, development, test, deploy) and will have to carry out the activities that will be assigned to him from time to time within the project team.

Requirements Required:

Passion, result orientation, enthusiasm, curiosity.


The term Internet Of Things is used for the first time in 1999 by an English engineer Kevin Ashton during a presentation at Procter & Gamble to identify a system where the physical world is connected to the Internet through sensors.

The United Nations Telecommunications Agency (ITU) speaks of it as a “Global Infrastructure for the Information Society”.

The Internet of Things, beyond quotations, is a very complex phenomenon and rich in nuances: it is at the same time a global telecommunications network, a trend of technological evolution and a cultural revolution based on information sharing.

From a technical point of view, the IoT is an evolution of the Internet where there are other objects besides PCs and servers.

Thanks to the ability to exchange data through sensors, these same objects can become “smart” and change their behaviour based on the information they receive from other connected devices.

For example, an alarm clock may “choose” to play in advance based on traffic conditions along the path that the owner follows to go to the office every morning, or a thermostat can adapt the air conditioning system schedule according to the forecast Weather, as well as the data captured by its sensors … thanks to the network connection, objects can then increase their level of intelligence and autonomy, taking on an increasingly active role.

To think that “everything started for a Coca-Cola” …

In 1982, for the first time ever, the soft drinks dispenser of the Computer Science Department at the Carnegie Mellon University was put into the network so that students and university staff could know at a distance the availability of the desired drinks, avoiding walking up to the dispenser and then find out, at worst, that Coca-Cola was finished.

To this day, the “Connected Things” are among the most disparate.

Adding the “Internet” factor opens up unexpected scenarios also for objects that have been populating our everyday lives for decades: cameras, baby monitors, weather stations, sensors integrated in clothes and shoes, thermostats, drones, smart tv, home appliances, as well as cars equipped with permanent Internet connection, Internet-connected industrial monitoring and control systems, and energy management systems (smart grids).

New cases of use have been identified in the transport sector, health, agriculture, smart cities, energy management, military applications, logistics … the list could continue for whole pages, limited only by the ability to imagine new possible applications.

The principle of “autonomy” is what makes the IoT increasingly desirable: estimates of the number of connected devices are revised upwards each year, and the more recent ones predict more than 50 billion of connected devices for 2020.

Smartpeg has already successfully developed IoT projects for the Industry and Facility Management industry by dedicating a Business Unit to the Internet of Things. Here is how we foresee, therefore, the era 4.0: concrete opportunity to realize real and useful innovation … Smartpeg is present!


Human Resource Management and Digital Transformation: what future?

This is the theme of the AIDP Umbria annual conference, appointment in Sansepolcro on Saturday 24 February 2018.

Explore the potential and contradictions that women and men who work, must face daily in the context of a rapidly changing organizational context in the light of Digital Transformation. This is the objective of the 7th annual conference of AIDP Umbria (Italian Association for Personnel Management) which will take place on Saturday 24 February 2018 at the ABOCA headquarters in Sansepolcro from 9:00 to 16:30.

The conference will deepen the relationships between Human Resources Management and Digital Transformation on two complementary sides, acquiring contributions of a general nature from the most significant specialists from different backgrounds.

To participate in the event, from all over Italy and in particular from the whole of the Umbria Region, there will be young graduates, managers, personnel managers, entrepreneurs, professionals as well as representatives of public and private institutions.

It is up to Luca Tomassini, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Vetrya, to open the conference, touching on a crucial issue for the current job market, the impact of technology and the network in managing business and people.

Then we will listen to the testimonies of Umbrian excellence such as – among others – Acciai Speciali Terni, Smartpeg, ART Group, and it will then be an opportunity for local entrepreneurs to deal with leading national and international realities such as Robert Bosch S.p.A. (represented by Roberto Zecchino – Vice President HR and Organization Bosch Italy and South Europe).

Special guests of the event were Roberto Mattio, Director of Human Resources and Organization Pininfarina S.p.A., and Alessandro Chiesa, Director of Organizational Development Ferrari S.p.A.

The conference will also be an opportunity to present the Aidp National Congress, which will take place in Naples on 25-26 May 2018 and for the launch of the “Youth General States – Perugia 2018”.

As proof of Aidp Umbria’s social commitment, the work will conclude with the delivery of the donation promoted in Christmas 2017, which this year will be made to the Giacomo Sintini Association which supports medical research against Leukemias, Lymphomas and Myeloma and studies solutions to improve the physical and psychological condition of those who are facing the disease.

Randstad presents Randstad Next, the first professional career for sports champions


Torino, 17 november 2017 The first professional orientation career for athletes designed by sport and labor champions, organized by Randstad, the world’s second largest human resources service provider, was presented today at Allianz Stadium, Randstad Next. the collaboration of Juventus Football Club, Facebook Italy and Bosch Italia as members of the scientific technical committee, Azimut Modena Volley as a sports partner and La Gazzetta Dello Sport as a media partner.

The program, intended for former champions who, after withdrawing from competitive activities, are faced with the challenge of having to adapt and redeploy their skills in a different career path, provides four months of training and career guidance and two months dedicated to the development of a project

work, under the guidance of individual tutors and coaches. The goal is to give athletes the opportunity to understand the dynamics of the labor market, understand which of their skills can allow them to relocate professionally, acquire the tools to develop a realistic and coherent professional project and, finally, the possibility to experiment the skills acquired in the project partner companies.

In addition to the aforementioned partners, the project also included important companies such as Alpinestars, Biesse Group, Caterpillar, Decathlon Italia, Servier Italia and Smartpeg, companies that, by adhering to the initiative, show great attention to the issue of Corporate Social Responsibility towards the world. of sport tout court and who have the great opportunity to collaborate with excellent candidates with distinctive abilities and skills combined with a strong predisposition to excel in any activity undertaken.

“The end of the competitive career, for a sports champion, can coincide with a moment of disorientation, in which you may encounter difficulties in understanding how to put your talent to good use in a different professional environment – comments Fabio Costantini, Chief Operation Officer by Randstad HR Solutions . With Randstad Next, we wanted to make available our experience of career guidance, training and coaching to provide former champions with the best tools to relocate to the labor market, creating a new professional project, be it self-employed or not, and to companies the opportunity to have access to the skills of talents with a winning mentality, accustomed to working in a team and excelling in complex and stressful situations “.

Registration for the program is open from 17 November.

For more information https://www.randstad.it/hrsolutions/next/

About Randstad

RANDSTAD Holding nv is the Dutch multinational active since 1960 in the research, selection, training of Human Resources and administration of work. Present in 39 countries with 4,473 branches and 29,750 employees for a total turnover of € 20.7 billion in 2016 – it is the second HR service agency in the world. Present since 1999 in Italy, RANDSTAD has to date 2000 employees and over 300 branches nationwide. RANDSTAD is the first Job Agency to have obtained in Italy the certifications SA8000 (Social Accountability 8000) and GEES (Gender Equality European Standard) in the field of “equal opportunities”. For more information: www.randstad.it


I’m Gianni Cicogna, PRESIDENT of Smartpeg, a company dedicated to the development and design of Software for companies, Governmental Organizations, Banks and Financial Intermediaries, in two specific areas of reference: Human Resource Management and Internet of Things.

… But this is just the present, which was also possible thanks to the people who helped shape my business venture.

Instead, I want to talk about the beginning, how I came to this point.

It all starts with a choice, even the story of a company, which is always the story of a choice of personal life.

Choosing in Latin etymology is synonymous with “deciding” but before it is “to tear”.

When it relates to people’s lives, this verb loses the clarity of its original meaning: tearing, severe, causing a detachment.

In the lives of people tearing, it becomes decisive, almost as if to hide the “destructive and reconstructive” scope that implies choice.

So, it is taking the risk of “tearing” with the past that choice can turn into opportunities. Sooner or later in life, I think of many, there are events that require a reflection: suddenly what surrounds us seems strange to ourselves, they start questions and questions like, “Is this really what I want? Do I want to continue in this direction?”.

And when these questions become more and more persistent, the choice becomes self-recognition: it finally lends itself to listening to their own vocations, seeking space for their own attitudes, concreteness for their own thoughts. You start to break the mould, from habits that have become cages, and finally it is understood that the realization of yourself, of their own dream, coincides with true happiness.

This – told in terms of human terms rather than entrepreneurial – is essentially my story and Smartpeg my business choice; a choice involving professionals with over two decades of IT experience that with me have chosen to share strategic skills and visions, putting everyone in the field of their know-how to present themselves with interesting, competitive, useful proposals based on the principles of “sustainability ” and “innovation “.

Smartpeg is a young company, a recent choice, and as every young creature has known the complexity, fears and the need for certainties. However, in the Italian organizational landscape, where are the certainties?

The polls are clear: “In Italy, bankruptcy costs too much and assumes the value of stigma”: the fear of failure (to make a mistake I would say) in Italy is widespread, almost generalized, although 78% of Italians feel predisposed to entrepreneurship and have ideas, skills and material to start a business, fear of bankruptcy takes over, 92% of Italians fear failure, is slowed down by the baggage that the crisis has left in the “Bel paese”. (Data related to the Amway Entrepreneurship Spirit Index (AESI) conducted by GFK and the Technical University of Munich (TUM), which measured the predisposition to self-employment and business creation in Italy).

Smartpeg has accepted the challenge and has focused on three essential ingredients: courage, passion and confidence.

As for courage, I have just clarified with survey data how this has affected the choice of doing business.

As for passion, it has been defined as “a key element for success”. In my story, of Smartpeg and of my team, passion is the heart and the engine of everything. Citing Seneca “there is no favourable wind for the sailor who does not know where to go” … I would say that the passion in Smartpeg is just this: the wind that pushes the sails, the steady and continuous momentum. But that’s not enough: it also serves as a good rudder and the evidence of the course to follow.

It is here that acts the design that becomes the corporate vision. Smartpeg has identified its own path: global market and technical-productive innovation, management, marketing and communication.

Along with the vision I add that Smartpeg believes that there will be no structural growth without the valorisation of people, so we support welfare initiatives and well-being. All this reverberates positively in daily work and in results.

And finally, the essential ingredient of our recipe: trust.

I am in favour of the concept developed by a contemporary Italian philosopher, according to whom confidence is essentially in three respects:

  • Self-confidence, which means pointing to a goal and believing in your choices,
  • Trust in others, which in a corporate context means believing in their own team, since nothing big can be achieved without the help of other people,
  • Confidence in history, that is to look at the past aware that men have accomplished remarkable things and that they will then be able to continue to do so if properly accompanied and encouraged to succeed.

And it is so demonstrable that trust helps to generate new business.

To make it all possible, we build loyal, lasting and effective professional relationships: trusting involves giving and receiving confidence and necessarily calling for everyone’s sense of responsibility.

Each member of the crew, to return to the Seneca metaphor, must be aware of their skills to constantly perceive the transformative reach of their knowledge, knowing how to do and know how to be in relation to the work environment.

To succeed in this, Smartpeg has chosen to invest in people’s talent by encouraging and sustaining personal and professional growth paths, with the awareness that everyone’s satisfaction is the secret ingredient that makes the recipe of “succeed” unique and unbeatable.

So, joining all the elements just described, my professional dream, my choice, has taken shape and identity.

The choice of change – suffering and courageous – has generated a sprout that gains strength, colour and size every day.

Born 17 July 2015, today Smartpeg already has 26 people in the team that together have 337 years of experience in the industry, 43 executed software, two operating venues, Perugia and Dubai and a well-established internationalization program.

“Sometimes a change of perspective is enough to see the light”


For Smartpeg, the Global Market is not a point of arrival, but a starting point. This conviction responds to a logic of diversification and openness in response to the needs of globalization, evolution and growth that no economic and productive reality can now escape.

The identification of the Arab Emirates market was born from professional relationships and knowledge introduced and acquired by Smartpeg in the given territory, but above all in consideration of the specificity and commercial dynamism of this particular area.

The so-called GCC, the Gulf Cooperation Council, geographically and logistically places itself as a hub for international and commercial realities such as India, China and the Far East. In other words, this geographic area is a strategic link between countries, offering farsighted businesses the opportunity of being presented and accredited on emerging, fast-growing, potentially markets and therefore potentially decisive for globalized economic development.

At present, in fact, the United Arab Emirates are one of the most expansive economic poles at planetary level, a country always open to cultural and professional integration and contamination, home to key events, not least the 2020 Technology Expo that declares his mission in the slogan “Connecting minds creating the future“.

All this has naturally attracted the main players in any market sector, technology first of all: to be present in this context means constantly measuring with established affairs, imposing on its own organization a steady growth and continuous improvement of offering and skills. Smartpeg can only be a part and actor of this game and hence our belief in the choice of the Emirates as a starting point for the internationalization process.

To this end, the system mission held in the United Arab Emirates in October 2016, promoted by Sviluppumbria SpA in favour of the internationalization of Umbrian companies, was a crucial moment for the history of Smartpeg.

The aim of the mission was to facilitate communication and establish business relationships between Umbrian companies and foreign counterparts, while also promoting a more thorough knowledge of the Reference Market and its prerogatives / potential.

A privileged market, that of the United Arab Emirates, that knows the need for co-ordination between public and private actors, where the uniqueness and differentiation of the Umbrian production system can become a strategic one.

The work was opened at the Emirates Chamber of Commerce in Abu Dhabi, with the meeting between the Italian Ambassador and the top local institutions, to which the representatives of SviluppUmbria and ICE described the Umbrian industrial and business fabric and at the end a presentation of the participating companies, including Smartpeg.

Smartpeg, represented by President Gianni Cicogna and managers Milillo and Suriani, took part in the initiative and had the opportunity to make themselves known, present their offerings, interface with the institutions and the representations of the territory, having also a series of B2B meetings with private interlocutors, other IT companies, and institutional / public, Mubadala and Al Habtoor Holding in the lead.


There is much talk of “Human Resources” in the most disparate organizational environments. Theories and visions are applied to bring wellbeing and to spread human value inside and outside the company context.

If this has been achieved, it is because personal satisfaction is strictly related to working life and the possibility of self-realization constitutes the pinnacle of individual wellbeing (Maslow).

Promoting training courses, supporting professional growth dynamics and contributing to wellbeing in the workplace requires a significant effort in interpreting needs and an important economic / professional investment for all the actors of corporate life, but it is undoubtedly a strategic, productive organizational choice. and far-sighted.

This means concretely engaging to build a personal meaning of work, originating from direct experience, oriented towards well-being and subjective growth.

The more a person knows and finds space for his expression and growth, even within the work context, the more he brings know-how and quality to the organization itself: value generates value.


The process of valorisation of human resources is a factor of structural growth for the company, whose results are evident and quantifiable: ranging from the reduction of absences to the improvement of the quality of the work done, with consequent increase in productivity, resilience and capacity of innovation.

The benefits in question are also economic, just think of the containment of expenses related to the reduction of absenteeism, a direct consequence of a positive climate and a high quality of working life.

In fact, as shown by a study carried out by a team of Smartpeg, the increase in the motivation of people in the workplace produces an increase in the value produced in terms of greater efficiency, better results and reduction of absences, which translates into containment of costs and higher revenues.

Performance of the increase in value produced as staff motivation increases


Starting from these reflections, Smartpeg has chosen to pursue a system of valorisation of the company’s human capital, structuring a welfare program that goes from incentive to continuous training to the provision of individual benefits for the personal well-being of each collaborator.

Smartpeg has chosen to put “the person at the center”, building around this principle its organizational model and, above all, has developed its business in the HR Management field by creating an integrated system of human resources management, which counts among the corporate clients, public and governmental organizations that make the enhancement of people the fulcrum of its structure and its purpose.