We are among the best Italian Project Management companies


We are among the best Italian Project Management companies

In the article of Startup Pills, Smartpeg has been included among the best Italian Project Management companies and startups.


Chosen because we are adopting a variety of different ways of approaching to innovate the Project Management sector.


These are the main evaluation areas in which Smartpeg has excelled


      • : innovative ideas, innovative approach to the market and innovative product


      • : Exceptional Growth Strategy

ManagementSocial impact


We are proud of our work and this recognition is a further incentive to grow more and more to achieve new goals!

Boost your company in 4 steps!

Smartpeg is the ideal partner to create together the most suitable Human Innovation path for you: from the “as is” to the “to be”.


Thanks to the consultancy services, the use of dedicated tools and the experience of our team, we start from the assessment of company needs and plan the growth path to transform the HR function: we value Human Resources and develop individual talents

Realizza il cambiamento partendo dalle persone, la vera risorsa della tua azienda

Corporate assessment

      • : snapshot of HR processes and corporate climate. Identify strengths, expectations, weaknesses and areas for improvement to define the starting scenario.

How do you evaluate the organizational well-being of your company?Individual assessment

      • : talent mapping through hard skills, soft skills and personality of each resource, dynamically combined. The winning match between the person and the best possible organizational role.

Is the right person in the right place?HR software

      • : we guide the employee experience by putting the person at the centre. The entire all-in-one work experience: core HR, targeted training, performance assessment, development, recruiting, health and safety.

Do you want to build your ideal HR solution?Talent Management

      • : Revolutionize the way HR talent is nurtured. Get the digital talent map of the individual and the entire company. Improve the organizational climate and performance by creating close-knit and winning teams.

Do you know the skills of your company?