Il Maestro Maurizio Mastrini in concerto nella piana di Castelluccio

The Rhythm of enterprise music


“There is something magical about the rhythm; it even makes us believe that the sublime belongs to us.”

J.W. Goethe

From heartbeat to work rhythms. Rhythm is in everything we do and live. Talking about it with us, in a curious video interview, is the internationally renowned pianist Maurizio Mastrini, who with his renowned experience in the artistic and musical world has made Rhythm his mantra, also as a man of business.

After decades in which research has shown the link between music, productivity in the workplace and personal well-being, themes dear to us at Smartpeg, with the story of the pianist Mastrini we want capture an unusual nuance of the happy relationship between rhythm, people and businesses.

Our collaboration began with the realization of the Christmas Concert 2020,in streaming, from the enchanting scenery of the Piana di Castelluccio di Norcia (if you missed it, you can see it again HERE).

From that experience, a gift of emotional beauty, the common thread of this synergy, between his music and our company, continues to unite reciprocal projects, enriched by a particular awareness: in music as in life, the rhythm is capable of improving people's well-being.

And what rhythm do you give to your professional life?

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