Smartpeg and IKIGAI: life and business purpose


Smartpeg has been chosen by Acacia Group as a company to be included in the IKIGAI project: let’s find out what it is

Recently Acacia Group presented the new economic indicator born from the constant monitoring of the socio-economic trend of the significant basket of Umbrian companies. IKIGAI (生 き が い) is a Japanese term, composed of the words “Iki“, which means “existence“, and “gai“, which means “purpose“: in Italian we could translate it as “the purpose of life and business” .

IKIGAI: “The business balance “

In addition to representing a fascinating concept capable of providing interesting food for thought, IKIGAI is also a practical method to understand what the purpose of a company is. Four elements of intersection:

  • what you love to do,
  • what you are capable of,
  • what can bring about positive change,
  • what is needed to generate value and profit.

All elements of which Smartpeg has always promoted and, also for this reason, we are proud to have been selected by Acacia Group, in collaboration with the Luiss Business School, among the Umbrian companies that best value the elements that make up IKIGAI.


IKIGAI and business

By applying the concept of IKIGAI to the world of entrepreneurship, we discover how the ideal is to make sure that the four elements intersect:

  • what you can get paid for,
  • what you are good at,
  • what the world needs (social impact),
  • what you love.

Dwelling on this last element, we are not referring to a simple hobby or a passion: it is what we are willing to fight for, what really matters to us. All very simple, to say, but in reality it is really difficult to find the perfect balance between the four elements that make up IKIGAI.

Because the specific conditions and priorities of every single moment in the life of a company, an entrepreneur, a single market, and much more must be considered. It is in this perspective that IKIGAI should be considered: as a real compass, to be monitored in order to try to keep things in balance as best as possible.

Sometimes, however, the daily life of a company does not always put in the conditions to reflect and carve out the right moments to look for the answers that can truly make one grow in a harmonious way. If a company is able to clearly define these aspects, it will consequently be able to make sure that its performance can have an inspirational impact within its organization, becoming the driving force for doing things well. .

Each company has its own IKIGAI.

IKIGAI: the new economic indicator


The IKIGAI project of Acacia Group, in collaboration with the Luiss Business School, aims to analyze and promote the performance of companies (including Smartpeg), favoring virtuous behavior and business initiatives that have a positive impact on the well-being of the company, collaborators and the community in general.

Together with the other companies, therefore, we will be evaluated on the basis of different parameters:

  • economical,
  • social,
  • of internationalization,
  • welfare,
  • innovation.

And many more. Finally, the related study will be an account of how, in general, the economy of our region is doing.

Think Thank

2022 will be the protagonist of Think Thank periodicals with companies to evaluate the state of the analysis and discussion with institutions, the world of credit and universities on issues and topics of current interest, useful for generating value and promoting good relations”. Each session will be handled by the Luiss Business School.


Acacia Group will periodically disclose the aggregate data of the study to the press, through the group’s media and using social media channels. The final study will then be disclosed on 15 December 2022 on the occasion of the Gala of the Enterprises, during which the awards will be awarded to the most virtuous companies of the project.

Smartpeg & IKIGAI: life and business purpose

On Wednesday 4 May 2022, the first stage of the Acacia Group IKIGAI project took place, in collaboration with the Luiss Business School. In a splendid location, Prof. Enzo Peruffo and Matteo Cosimo illustrated the significant clusters of the Megatrends: the economic and political scenarios underlying the post-pandemic. The study, in addition to us at Smartpeg, involves 158 Umbrian companies and aims to analyze and promote the performance of companies, favoring virtuous behavior and initiatives that have a positive impact on the well-being of employees.
Smartpeg and IKIGAI: life and business purpose

ESG policies and increase in turnover

On Tuesday 28 June, in the splendid location of the Castellaro Country House, the second stage of the IKIGAI project by Acacia Group was held in collaboration with the Luiss Business School. Prof. Davide Nespolo (Sustainability Manager Wind Tre SpA.) and Egidio Mangione  (Director of Amundi SGR of the Crédit Agricole Group) illustrated the ESG policies and the increase in turnover.
Smartpeg and IKIGAI: life and business purpose

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