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Prof. Roberto Verdone promotes LIVREA, the new Talent Management software

Our collaboration with Professor Roberto Verdone stems from the common ambition to scientifically identify the talents in people, starting from soft skills, their measurement and, even before, their correct definition.


LIVREA immediately seemed to be the best tool to convey mutual research, tools and methodologies into an experiment that would verify the effectiveness of our software and improve talent management students, as well as finding the best combination of individual alchemy.


By alchemy we mean compatibility between people: creating the right work team sometimes requires skilful management of people and combination based on the best possible alchemy.

Video interview with Prof. Roberto Verdone professor of Project Management and Soft Skill at the University Alma Mater Studiorum – University of Bologna

LIVERY: the experiment


To better harmonize people in a successful team, there is Dream Team , one of the core features of LIVERY . In the Project Management and Soft Skills course, held by Professor Verdone assisted by Professor Alice Baldini
and by Doctor Flaminia Saratti of the University of Bologna, our Research and Development department has made available Livery and in particular the Dream Team for a experiment that involved 120 students from different faculty of the University of Bologna and nations around the world.


Dream Team allows, given some measurements collected with appropriate tests, to find the winning formula to create the best team, given elements such as:


16 teams of 4 people were composed, half of which using traditional criteria (control group) and the rest according to the indications of the Dream Team function.


In all cases, the teams selected with the LIVREA algorithms showed a 14% to 21% better performance of the others and likewise received feedback from students, who did not know whether or not they were in the groups created by the LIVREA algorithm, more positive than their colleagues included in the control groups.

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