Smart Test: manage your company’s Human Resources to the best


Smart Test: here’s how to best manage your company’s human resources

Imagine you are on top of a skyscraper and you have a beam in front of you that leads to another skyscraper at the other end.


Otherwise inaccessible. On this you see a 500 euro banknote: you can take them, you just need to cross the beam, a few meters long. Below, no less than twenty floors.


What would you do, would you go get them?


Now imagine a similar situation but with two differences:

  • the building in front of you is on fire
  • the person most dear to you in the world is on that building and only you can save them


With that in mind, will you cross the beam?


From this trivial but glaring example you can understand how important a strong why is . It allows you to face and overcome seemingly most difficult, or most important, challenges, even where you would never have been exposed before.


In the world of work, having a strong why can, for example, make your employees take an action that could determine the success of your company. But when you come to a full stop, what do you do?


That’s when that why makes a difference .

Your company could identify areas for improvement to be developed and have an in-depth and clear vision of its internal functioning, especially on human resources.


How? Thanks to the Smart Test the first and free step of the Ritmo consultancy, which clears the fog that generates problems and moves away from the result, with a series of structured questions, with the aim of measuring the quality and management of activities essential for the good functioning of the company and the well-being of people.


The custom output will give you a photograph via a radar chart of your company, comparing it to similar companies.


But that’s not all. It also offers a report on each dimension giving you a description, the current status of the company by dimension and indicates the direction to move in the consultancy phase.


A strong because it is fundamental for every company but often, in order for them to have the success they deserve, a detailed analysis of the state of things, of the means and of the company is first needed. </p >

Only in this way can you implement the right solutions and lead your company and your people towards a horizon of success and well-being .