Ritmo: the value of the new HR consultancy


Ritmo: the value of the new HR consultancy

To offer solutions to companies it is important to be in tune with their needs, which is why we have created Ritmo, a consultancy path that, starting from the analysis of the current situation, offers your company HR solutions and strategies .


We need to take gradual steps, when there is no rhythm the company stops or runs out of time. The people who work in the company also need a project that gives rhythm to their talents.


Our consultancy supports you in knowing better what is already in the company, to understand at what pace to go and beat the best time to reach the objectives.


What you get from Ritmo consulting


  • well-being of your company and the people who work there
  • individual performance orientation to achieve company objectives

Do you want to give the right rhythm to your activities?


From today you have a complete and free test that evaluates the current well-being of your company, examines the strategic variables of your human resources management and compares them with other companies in the same sector. </ p>

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands, but in having new eyes”




Our team of experts, after years of experience and scientific research in the HR world, has built the Smart Test or the first step of the Ritmo consultancy that allows you to take a selfie of the organization, with particular focus on HR management processes.


The questionnaire is the combination of entrepreneurial experience, HR, technology and occupational psychologists.




Our approach makes innovation a direction to follow, the strength in being able to propose new solutions to known problems.


To innovate means to instill something new and this something for us is companies and people.


The novelty consists in putting entrepreneurs and managers in the position from which problems are seen from unprecedented perspectives, where winning solutions are born.




One of the fundamental engines of our economy, and it is precisely through technology that we make both our consultancy and our solutions effective and efficient.


For an increasingly smart company, the technological approach allows an important qualitative leap.




Tools, strategy and research. All this would be insufficient if a flame did not burn at the base that could ignite the energy between people and the company: motivation .


Through the analysis of the company climate and other evaluation methodologies, Ritmo consultancy tracks, nourishes and supports the motivational energy of the people in the company.




From the synergic and organized union of competent and motivated people, winning organizations are born.


This is the slogan that translates into the phases of Ritmo by supporting organizations and directing them towards a successful future.


Analyzing the organization to improve or in some cases reverse the course , strengthen the bond between people within the company, to row all together towards the goal.


This is what it means to bring Ritmo to companies.