Red Hot Cyber Conference 2022


Red Hot Cyber Conference 2022

Red Hot Cyber Conference 2022 is the appointment created by the RHC community to increase interest and awareness of information security and digital technologies, which will take place on November 25th and 26th in Cittaducale, in the Province of Rieti.


It will be an important meeting and sharing moment for companies, specialists and technicians which will culminate with a round table where we will discuss how to protect people and infrastructures from ransomware attacks.


The conference program will be distributed over two days:

  • November 25th: Red Hot Cyber will be in schools to make ethical hacking known to kids and try to make them passionate about this subject;
  • November 26: The conference will be held with a large number of interventions by cybersecurity experts from the RHC community, as well as external guests of national importance.


RHC: what is it

“Cyberspace will be the arena of geopolitical competition in the 11th century”.


We report here a sentence that Red Hot Cyber said many years ago, reporting that an evolution in cyber risk training, accessible to all people, was more than ever necessary.


A phrase that, today, seems obvious in a geopolitical context that sees in “cyber warfare” one of the most important pillars of the new asymmetric wars, as well as the only non-invasive way to acquire competitive and economic advantages.


Meanwhile, Italy, historically paying little attention to the culture of cybersecurity, becomes one of the most targeted countries in a complex cybernetic landscape, where the rule is always one: recover.


This must start by stimulating, in unconventional ways, a mentality of widespread attention to IT risk, to make everyone understand that the security of systems and national security will depend only on ourselves and how much we will be able to identify and understand the risks.

HRC 2022: the location

Cittaducale is a characteristic village dating back to the late Middle Ages, in the Province of Rieti. Founded in 1308 by Charles II of Anjou as a bulwark of the Bourbon kingdom, it maintains its original structure intact, modeled on the traditional castrum romanum.


Emanuele Buchiccio – CTO di Smartpeg

Also Smartpeg, which has always been sensitive to the topic, will be present at the Red Hot Cyber Conference 2022 with the Chief Techology Officer Emanuele Buchicchio.


Emanuele, will hold an interesting event entitled: “Software supply chain and secure software development”.


Red Hot Cyber Conferenze: 26 novembre, full program

  • 9:30 am welcome, by Silvia Felici (RHC Security Advisor)
  • 10 Massimiliano Brolli, founder of Red Hot Cyber. A journey into risk awareness
  • 10:15 Roberto Camerinesi, Founder & CTO Cyber Evolution. Cyber Defence… on the attack
  • 10:30 coffee break
  • 11 Antonio Capobianco, CEO of Fata Informatica. Malware Analysis: what it is, what it is for and how to learn it
  • 11:15 Emanuele De Lucia, Cyber Intelligence Specialist. Cyber Security: We need more… energy!
  • 11:30 Raoul “Nobody” Chiesa, Security Brokers President and Founder. How hacking changed my life

At 12:30 the round table: Ransomware in Italy with:

  • Andrea Magnano (moderator), presenter and radio speaker
  • Annita Larissa Sciacovelli, Professor of International Law. University of Bari
  • Giovanni Cimari, Head of Cyber Defense at Sogei
  • Pierguido Iezzi, Chief Executive Officer of Swascan
  • Riccardo Croce, director of the CNAIPIC of the Postal Police
  • Alessandro Greco, Head of National Cyber Security Agency Cyber Monitoring and Analysis Division
  • 13 lunch, networking lunch
  • 14:15 Roberto Campagnola, physicist and researcher. Quantum computing: history and possible future
  • 14:30 Selene Giupponi, Managing Director, secretary-general of Women4Cyber Italia. Women 4 Cyber: who we are, what we do and why
  • 14:45 Andrea Gioia Lomoro, author and screenwriter. A strategic weapon is communication. “Betti” was born
  • 15 Mauro Montieri, IT Security Compliance Auditor. The metaverse between future and reality
  • 15:15 Enrico Maresca, Ciso di Italo. Cybersecurity with the National Framework
  • 3.30pm coffee break

The voice of companies

  • 16 Data-Drive.Ai – Diego Facchini, Chief Executive Officer
  • 16:15 Akamai – Fabio Monzini, Cybersecurity Technical Consulting
  • 16:30 NTT Data – Raffaele Ascoli, Cybersecurity Technical Practice Lead
    • 16:45

Antonio Piovesan

    • , Digital Security Special.

Storytelling and risk awareness

    • 17

Luca Mella

    • , Cyber Intelligence Specialist.

Cybercrime: between militias and microcrime

    • 17:15

Antonio Montillo

    • , IT Security Compliance Auditor.

The state of Industrial Control Systems (ICS) in Italy

    • 17:30

Agostino Pellegrino

    • , Cyber Forensics Consultant.

Cyber forensics: the new frontiers of analysis

    • 17:45

Emanuele Buchicchio

    • , CTO Smartpeg and UNIPG PhD student.

Software suplly chain and secure software development