Livrea and personnel evaluation: an integrated perspective


Livrea and personnel evaluation: an integrated perspective

The first step is to look at the person in his entirety and complexity

People at work base their behaviour, attitudes and relationships on multiple factors:

  • personality
  • aptitudes
  • of competence
  • tenured
  • contextual
  • values

The personnel evaluation cannot only dwell on “how much you do“, because the relative data is only the tip of the iceberg of situations, character, attitudes and relationships. The performance evaluation must be accompanied and enriched with analyzes that focus on other aspects, so that the single most “ exterior” datum, i.e. the performance, is read taking into account the globality of the single individual and the context in which he takes part, on a daily basis, at work.

From Human Resources management software to Human Innovation by Livrea

LIVREA is a software whose purpose goes beyond the simple management of personnel, because it aims at the development and enhancement of personal talents. The right person in the right place. The right skills for the right role. They support the HR strategy and the decisions of the Project Managers with results deriving from precise evaluations. Leveraging on the integrated vision of Human Resources, Livrea acts on a multidimensional level to complete that multifaceted mosaic that is the person as a whole.

The pillars of the special recipe of the Livrea software

What are the factors to which we have given the most importance in LIVREA and in organizational consultancy?

  • Hard Skills: what one can do, after learning by doing (learning by doing) or through courses, teachings, university and non-university exams, remain an important factor to consider. It is the knowledge, practical or theoretical, that permeates work activities: from the English language to the management of financial statements, from Excel to the creation of a Marketing plan, up to an IT programming language or a recruitment technique. We census them, evaluate them, monitor them, without giving them the primacy they have had for so long
  • Soft Skills: transversal skills, the know-how that guides knowledge and activities in qualitative terms. Personal talents are mainly hidden here and this is why Livrea contains ad hoc models and tests, with a broad spectrum on the possible and main soft skills, which according to scientific literature are the greatest predictors of professional success (Goleman, 1995; Engelberg, 2015 ). We are talking about Smart Got Talent.

“The Theory of Personality, integrated with the concepts proposed by the Vital Systemic Approach, becomes an important tool to support the strategic management of Human Resources”


(Fulco I., Barile S., 2020)


  • Performance trends: i.e. the “tip of the iceberg” which through constant monitoring composes the performance of the individual and of the whole company. Also in this regard, we have developed a dedicated evaluation system, which includes factors more markedly performance with others more pertinent to the sphere of the organizational climate


How do you or your company carry out personnel evaluations? Are there any models or tests you use that you would like to share?


Livrea works as a model aggregator, with the aim of improving awareness, well-being and performance of individuals, teams and companies. It does this through smart, agile tests that can always be completed online, with graphic and textual indicators, in a perspective that makes the integration of hard skills, soft skills and performance, the engine to ignite today’s and tomorrow’s challenges.


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