I’m Gianni Cicogna, PRESIDENT of Smartpeg, a company dedicated to the development and design of Software for companies, Governmental Organizations, Banks and Financial Intermediaries, in two specific areas of reference: Human Resource Management and Internet of Things.

… But this is just the present, which was also possible thanks to the people who helped shape my business venture.

Instead, I want to talk about the beginning, how I came to this point.

It all starts with a choice, even the story of a company, which is always the story of a choice of personal life.

Choosing in Latin etymology is synonymous with “deciding” but before it is “to tear”.

When it relates to people’s lives, this verb loses the clarity of its original meaning: tearing, severe, causing a detachment.

In the lives of people tearing, it becomes decisive, almost as if to hide the “destructive and reconstructive” scope that implies choice.

So, it is taking the risk of “tearing” with the past that choice can turn into opportunities. Sooner or later in life, I think of many, there are events that require a reflection: suddenly what surrounds us seems strange to ourselves, they start questions and questions like, “Is this really what I want? Do I want to continue in this direction?”.

And when these questions become more and more persistent, the choice becomes self-recognition: it finally lends itself to listening to their own vocations, seeking space for their own attitudes, concreteness for their own thoughts. You start to break the mould, from habits that have become cages, and finally it is understood that the realization of yourself, of their own dream, coincides with true happiness.

This – told in terms of human terms rather than entrepreneurial – is essentially my story and Smartpeg my business choice; a choice involving professionals with over two decades of IT experience that with me have chosen to share strategic skills and visions, putting everyone in the field of their know-how to present themselves with interesting, competitive, useful proposals based on the principles of “sustainability ” and “innovation “.

Smartpeg is a young company, a recent choice, and as every young creature has known the complexity, fears and the need for certainties. However, in the Italian organizational landscape, where are the certainties?

The polls are clear: “In Italy, bankruptcy costs too much and assumes the value of stigma”: the fear of failure (to make a mistake I would say) in Italy is widespread, almost generalized, although 78% of Italians feel predisposed to entrepreneurship and have ideas, skills and material to start a business, fear of bankruptcy takes over, 92% of Italians fear failure, is slowed down by the baggage that the crisis has left in the “Bel paese”. (Data related to the Amway Entrepreneurship Spirit Index (AESI) conducted by GFK and the Technical University of Munich (TUM), which measured the predisposition to self-employment and business creation in Italy).

Smartpeg has accepted the challenge and has focused on three essential ingredients: courage, passion and confidence.

As for courage, I have just clarified with survey data how this has affected the choice of doing business.

As for passion, it has been defined as “a key element for success”. In my story, of Smartpeg and of my team, passion is the heart and the engine of everything. Citing Seneca “there is no favourable wind for the sailor who does not know where to go” … I would say that the passion in Smartpeg is just this: the wind that pushes the sails, the steady and continuous momentum. But that’s not enough: it also serves as a good rudder and the evidence of the course to follow.

It is here that acts the design that becomes the corporate vision. Smartpeg has identified its own path: global market and technical-productive innovation, management, marketing and communication.

Along with the vision I add that Smartpeg believes that there will be no structural growth without the valorisation of people, so we support welfare initiatives and well-being. All this reverberates positively in daily work and in results.

And finally, the essential ingredient of our recipe: trust.

I am in favour of the concept developed by a contemporary Italian philosopher, according to whom confidence is essentially in three respects:

  • Self-confidence, which means pointing to a goal and believing in your choices,
  • Trust in others, which in a corporate context means believing in their own team, since nothing big can be achieved without the help of other people,
  • Confidence in history, that is to look at the past aware that men have accomplished remarkable things and that they will then be able to continue to do so if properly accompanied and encouraged to succeed.

And it is so demonstrable that trust helps to generate new business.

To make it all possible, we build loyal, lasting and effective professional relationships: trusting involves giving and receiving confidence and necessarily calling for everyone’s sense of responsibility.

Each member of the crew, to return to the Seneca metaphor, must be aware of their skills to constantly perceive the transformative reach of their knowledge, knowing how to do and know how to be in relation to the work environment.

To succeed in this, Smartpeg has chosen to invest in people’s talent by encouraging and sustaining personal and professional growth paths, with the awareness that everyone’s satisfaction is the secret ingredient that makes the recipe of “succeed” unique and unbeatable.

So, joining all the elements just described, my professional dream, my choice, has taken shape and identity.

The choice of change – suffering and courageous – has generated a sprout that gains strength, colour and size every day.

Born 17 July 2015, today Smartpeg already has 26 people in the team that together have 337 years of experience in the industry, 43 executed software, two operating venues, Perugia and Dubai and a well-established internationalization program.

“Sometimes a change of perspective is enough to see the light”