International Human Resources Day: the 2022 trends of HR


The 20th of may is the International Human Resources Day: we take this opportunity to analyze the 5 HR trends of 2022

The HR Trends of 2022

On Friday 20 May 2022 we celebrate the International HR Day,an opportunity to recognize this profession as internationally supported by all human resources and people professionals. 

Specifically, the International Human Resources Day gives us the opportunity to:

  • recognize the practices of human resources and people at the individual, corporate, national and international level;
  • publicize the significant contribution that the HR profession is making at this very moment in history;
  • show how we at Smartpeg we work to develop their thinking and practice.

1. Corporate Well-being

The health and well-being of people are the priority, especially in light of the phenomenon of large resignations. CEO and HR therefore have multiple responsibilities, including:
  • find new ways to listen to people’s ever-growing needs;
  • give people the opportunity to choose a series of services related to their well-being, acting as a real personal coach;
  • build work environments that foster healthy relationships, build life balance and the ability to learn from others, especially with a view to co-building lives in which people feel happy.
This concept can be contained in the fascinating philosophy of IKIGAI, a Japanese term composed of the words “iki“, which means “existence“, and “gai“, which means “purpose“: in Italian we could translate it as “the purpose of life and business “. In practice, IKIGAI represents a practical method to understand what the purpose of a company is according to four elements of intersection:
  • what you love to do;
  • what you are capable of;
  • what can bring about positive change;
  • what is needed to generate value and profit.
All elements of which Smartpeg has always promoted, and for this reason we are also proud to have been chosen by Acacia Group, in collaboration with the LUISS Business School, among the Umbrian companies that best value the elements that make up IKIGAI.
The IKIGAI schema

2. Multiple Careers

More and more people feel the need to build new careers and new professional skills and in this, companies can help them do it. Talent management presupposes knowing how to listen to and get to know each person, making them grow according to their aspirations and skills. The company therefore has the task of investing in:
  • continuous listening and feedback practices to increasingly build a climate of multidirectional dialogue;
  • collection, analysis and visualization of data that are able to help HR and Managers to be as objective as possible;
  • flexible career plans together with talent, looking for people who are increasingly capable of planning and proposing.
A theme that is particularly close to our hearts, so much so that we are encouraged to create LIVREA: The software for talent management . The Talent Management suite capable of innovating and simplifying all phases of the employee experience, from Talent Acquisition to the development of your company’s staff talents.

3. Hybrid Working

No longer Smart Working but Hybrid Working.

Even if the Covid-19 emergency is always in constant evolution, thanks to Hybrid Working we can continue to benefit from the convenience of working from home (with consequent economic and energy savings), adding them to those of returning to the office (sense of belonging and sociability).

While Smart Working is an approach to work by objectives, Hybrid Working is a different way of working that requires planning and co-planning to find the most useful way of working for everyone:

  • training;
  • coordination;
  • technological devices;
  • cultural change.

In Smartpeg, we immediately understood the importance of this new way of working, adopting it for some time within our work team. Technology, which we use every day and which we offer to our customers, plays and will play more and more a fundamental role, as it supports people and companies in a growth path oriented towards corporate well-being.

Smartpeg: from Smart Working to Hybrid Working

4. Manager “with 4 heads”

Rethinking leadership, starting with 4 different (but complementary) sets of skills.

The new leadership model has been defined by the Future of Work Trends 2022 as “4-headed“, starting precisely from four sets of skills that today’s leaders should develop to bring companies straight into the future:

  • hard skills;
  • interaction and empathy;
  • planning, coordination and project management skills;
  • knowledge of the company and ability to represent it internally and externally.

5. People=Company

Each company is a very complex ecosystem, in which all employees can and must contribute equally to its success.

Each person must coincide and feel involved with their company. This means that there must be a communion of:

  • Purpose – a person who works in the company, because with his activities he participates in the achievement of a purpose;
  • Values – they must be the same, because they are reflected and mirrored in the way of working;
  • Objectives – between person and company there must be a clear strategic alignment on the objectives to be achieved.

Each innovation begins with people, the success of each person is the success of each company.

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