For Smartpeg, the Global Market is not a point of arrival, but a starting point. This conviction responds to a logic of diversification and openness in response to the needs of globalization, evolution and growth that no economic and productive reality can now escape.

The identification of the Arab Emirates market was born from professional relationships and knowledge introduced and acquired by Smartpeg in the given territory, but above all in consideration of the specificity and commercial dynamism of this particular area.

The so-called GCC, the Gulf Cooperation Council, geographically and logistically places itself as a hub for international and commercial realities such as India, China and the Far East. In other words, this geographic area is a strategic link between countries, offering farsighted businesses the opportunity of being presented and accredited on emerging, fast-growing, potentially markets and therefore potentially decisive for globalized economic development.

At present, in fact, the United Arab Emirates are one of the most expansive economic poles at planetary level, a country always open to cultural and professional integration and contamination, home to key events, not least the 2020 Technology Expo that declares his mission in the slogan “Connecting minds creating the future“.

All this has naturally attracted the main players in any market sector, technology first of all: to be present in this context means constantly measuring with established affairs, imposing on its own organization a steady growth and continuous improvement of offering and skills. Smartpeg can only be a part and actor of this game and hence our belief in the choice of the Emirates as a starting point for the internationalization process.

To this end, the system mission held in the United Arab Emirates in October 2016, promoted by Sviluppumbria SpA in favour of the internationalization of Umbrian companies, was a crucial moment for the history of Smartpeg.

The aim of the mission was to facilitate communication and establish business relationships between Umbrian companies and foreign counterparts, while also promoting a more thorough knowledge of the Reference Market and its prerogatives / potential.

A privileged market, that of the United Arab Emirates, that knows the need for co-ordination between public and private actors, where the uniqueness and differentiation of the Umbrian production system can become a strategic one.

The work was opened at the Emirates Chamber of Commerce in Abu Dhabi, with the meeting between the Italian Ambassador and the top local institutions, to which the representatives of SviluppUmbria and ICE described the Umbrian industrial and business fabric and at the end a presentation of the participating companies, including Smartpeg.

Smartpeg, represented by President Gianni Cicogna and managers Milillo and Suriani, took part in the initiative and had the opportunity to make themselves known, present their offerings, interface with the institutions and the representations of the territory, having also a series of B2B meetings with private interlocutors, other IT companies, and institutional / public, Mubadala and Al Habtoor Holding in the lead.