Human Resources: how to make the most of them with GURU UP


GURU UP, the software to guide and enhance human resources umane

GURU UP is the Italian software par excellence that deals with the management and enhancement of human resources at 360 °, harmonizing all information


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Multi-company and multi-language, GURU UP is able to satisfy any type of organization: from public to private, from healthcare to banks.

  • Performance evaluation: individual, organizational and assessment of the perceived quality of services;
  • Human Resources Development: mapping of skills and knowledge, Gap Analysis and ad hoc training plans;
  • Training: management of compulsory and optional training, complete course management, ECM credits, teachers’ register, attendance certificate, reports and statistics;
  • HR Portal and Personal Data: employee dossier, storyboard and dashboard, document and deadline management, digital CV and company agreements;
  • Attendance, Absences and Smart Working: management of attendance and holidays, data analysis of smart working and welfare;
  • Health and safety at work: risk profiles, mandatory obligations, schedule, accidents and occupational diseases, vaccines, reports and statistics;
  • Recruiting: scouting and selection of personnel and management of the onboarding interview phases.


Efficiency, Productivity and Wellbeing at the service of Human Resources


The People module is the one that represents the heart of the entire system, allowing the management of the human resources dossier of which it is possible to see every data: from personal data (digital CV ) to the employment relationship.

Organizational performance

The module for the management of corporate organizational objectives : customization of forms, objectives and operational units to monitor and optimize the performance of human resources.

Performance evalutatione

The module for management of the performance evaluation cycle of the company population. A completely customizable process, both in the evaluation indexes and in the actors.


The module to perform an insights analysis on the assessment of skills and knowledge. Assign professional roles with relative expected levels, structuring an assessment cycle, which assigns each person the specific skills of their role.


The module to manage all information relating to training, compulsory or not, carried out in the company or external to it. Each training event is fully configurable, from the documents provided to the management of participants and teachers.

Health & Safety

The module for Health & amp; Safety in the workplace allows you to manage and catalog all company obligations: risk profiles, schedule, accidents and occupational diseases.

Recruiting & Selection

The form to define the profiles (or job description ) wanted, on which to open a selection campaign to allow candidates to apply and be selected. Management of the entire ATS (Applicant Tracking System) process.

Report & Statistics

The Report & amp; Statistics provides a set of reports divided by module, structured according to specific filters and downloadable later in Excel or PDF files. Customizable reports.


  • +100k personal data managed
  • +120k performance evaluations
  • +600k hours of training managed

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