The enhancement of human resources: 5 best practices


Do you know how to enhance the human resources of your company? Here are the 5 best practices to put into practice immediately

Do you know how to enhance your company's human resources?

If you are wondering it is because, in all likelihood, you are experiencing some problems within your company regarding the management and consequent enhancement of the human resources present within it.

Don't feel bad, it will surprise you to know that there are so many organizations that are in the same situation as you. We live in an extremely complicated and constantly changing historical period, which is why it is becoming increasingly important to emphasize the enhancement of human resources.

  • Great Resignation;
  • Reskilling;
  • Engagement;
  • Life long learning.

These are just some of the issues that, today and increasingly tomorrow, will be central and fundamental for companies that want to look to the future with confidence.

Development of human resources: risks and benefits

As always, to understand the advantage or the disadvantage (this depends on you!) of how important the enhancement of human resources is, numbers come in handy.


According to a recent study carried out by Harward Business Review, if you do not value human resources you can run into various risks that can negatively affect the performance, economic and not only, of your company. In order to understand each other:

  • an unhappy employee can cost your organization up to € 16,000 per year;
  • today, in the world, 87% of employees are unmotivated;
  • Only 20% of employees feel truly motivated and effective.


On the other hand, if you decide right away to enhance your company's human resources, you will bring your company some of the following benefits:

  • + 31% productivity;
  • + 37% sales;
  • + 300% innovation capacity;
  • +44 talent retention capacity;
  • -125% bornout episodes;
  • -66% disease episodes;
  • -51% turnover.

It is obvious how, from the analysis of these simple but essential numbers, putting the emphasis immediately on the enhancement of human resources is an intelligent and, above all, a winning choice!

But what are the concrete actions that I can immediately put into practice?

A more than legitimate question! So let's see below the 5 best practices that you can apply right away for the enhancement of your company's human resources.

1. Spend more time on human resources

The first point is always the most important. Often you spend far too much time on the administrative management of human resources such as payroll, permits, attendance, etc ... forgetting everything else! That is the enhancement of human resources .

And this is where we come in. How? With GURU UP, the software that deals with the entire management of human resources by digitizing the entire processes HR.

Start enhancing your company's human resources now and transform people into the beating heart of your organization, a heritage to develop if you want to achieve every goal.

  • Payroll and attendance are no longer enough, it is rather essential to know the people, their skills and abilities;
  • increase the awareness and motivation of all your collaborators and reach every goal;
  • monitors performance and organizational data to always act with maximum effectiveness.

  • It is vitally important to immediately engage in implementing internal assessment systems such as business climate assessment, performance assessments and performance analysis, skills. Monitoring human resources is one of the strategic points for the growth of every company, including yours.

    2. Outline clear and achievable goals

    A worker is definitely more motivated if he has a clear and practically achievable goal.

    Working with a clearly defined goal, according to certain deadlines, positively affects productivity. Running with a clear and visible goal in front of you is much more efficient and it is scientifically proven that working towards goals increases productivity and organization.

    It is also essential to analyze the objectives assigned. In fact, if a worker reaches his goals too easily, in all likelihood he needs to raise the bar so as not to risk feeling unmotivated. On the contrary, it is necessary to carefully analyze the cases of non-achievement of the goals assigned by implementing the necessary changes.

    3. Outline incentive systems

    It is very important to define incentives consistent with work productivity. An employee who is also rewarded based on their work will consequently be more motivated and encouraged to always achieve brilliant results.

    4. Invest in training

    Having trained and continuously updated staff is a great strength. It is important to understand how training, and the consequent investment in the growth of one's resources, represents and will increasingly represent the key to the success of your company.

    5. Select your resources carefully

    To enhance the human resources of your company you need to know how to recruit the right people in the right place , establishing an adequate and well-structured selection process: how?

    Once again we are back in the field who, after carefully analyzing the needs of companies, have decided to create LIVREA: the only Talent Management software capable of bringing together talents, technology and processes in a single environment in a vision oriented towards corporate well-being.

    LIVREA: the software to nurture your company's talents

    One of a kind with the Magic Mirror and Dream Team modules, LIVREA will change the way your company can nurture the talents of its human resources.

    Become aware of your company's capabilities, improve performance and organizational climate by harmonizing all the resources of your organization.

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