How to measure the impact of smart working


Smart working: How is its impact measured?

After only six months of smart working (referring to two or three days a week, as specified in the Il Sole 24 Ore) over 300 employees of eleven companies have avoided travel for more than 700,000 kilometers, equivalent to 17 laps of the equator.


Furthermore, the CO² emissions saved are equal to those that a 32-hectare forest can absorb in one year.


And in terms of time?


Even here, all for good! There are 14,000 hours of travel saved from home to work. This and much more was the subject of the study conducted by the University of Bologna, in collaboration with Stantec, Manageritalia and the Sustainability & Circular Economy Lab.


Thanks to smart working you save in terms of time and money, significantly reducing emissions and increasing well-being and productivity.


How much are the benefits? What are the most used means? What days of the week are preferred for home working?

Smart working: the numbers of the study

Let’s start with the means most used by workers for travel.


According to the Smart & Value research, conducted on a sample of 342 employees of eleven companies, 84.2% choose the car (or are forced to due to the absence of efficient alternatives), while only 12% travel by public transport.


How many choose sustainable mobility? 3.8%, divided as follows:

  • 2.3% by bicycle
  • 1.5% on foot

How much do you save every day?


Overall, the more than 300 employees avoid an outlay of almost €2 thousand by saving 371 hours of their time and escaping more than 20 thousand kilometers from home to work.


The costs mainly concern fuel, but also tolls, the price of parking and some expenses such as those for family management.


And in terms of productivity?


Obviously, there is no shortage of business benefits. The HR departments of the companies belonging to the sample noted an increase in productivity, work by objectives and people’s digital skills.


The digitization of procedures and organizational models also improves, together with the use of space and cost management (such as office maintenance and maintenance). Furthermore, the workers covered by the study said they were satisfied with their work:

  • 37% of those interviewed described themselves as less stressed
  • 25% more concentrated
  • the most creative 7%
  • only 4% prefer to always work in the office

% of vehicles used

What is your favorite day to work from home? Friday!


Today, there were 2,685 requests to take advantage of smart working (from September 2021 to March 2022). This choice could mean a reduction of stress coming from the weekend. The day, on the other hand, least used for smart working is Tuesday.

Preferred days for smart working by number of requests from September 2021 to March 2022

Many benefits of smart working emerge, both for workers and for businesses.


A fact that must be read under a cost-benefit lens that cannot transcend the economic, environmental and international political situation.


With the increase in energy costs and the climate crisis, what began as an internal organizational reform of companies, by virtue of the restrictions due to the COVID-19, today results in a response to other difficulties.


The hope is that the management of large corporations, as well as that of small companies, will have the opportunity to understand the many (and positive) facets of this mechanism.

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