There is much talk of “Human Resources” in the most disparate organizational environments. Theories and visions are applied to bring wellbeing and to spread human value inside and outside the company context.

If this has been achieved, it is because personal satisfaction is strictly related to working life and the possibility of self-realization constitutes the pinnacle of individual wellbeing (Maslow).

Promoting training courses, supporting professional growth dynamics and contributing to wellbeing in the workplace requires a significant effort in interpreting needs and an important economic / professional investment for all the actors of corporate life, but it is undoubtedly a strategic, productive organizational choice. and far-sighted.

This means concretely engaging to build a personal meaning of work, originating from direct experience, oriented towards well-being and subjective growth.

The more a person knows and finds space for his expression and growth, even within the work context, the more he brings know-how and quality to the organization itself: value generates value.


The process of valorisation of human resources is a factor of structural growth for the company, whose results are evident and quantifiable: ranging from the reduction of absences to the improvement of the quality of the work done, with consequent increase in productivity, resilience and capacity of innovation.

The benefits in question are also economic, just think of the containment of expenses related to the reduction of absenteeism, a direct consequence of a positive climate and a high quality of working life.

In fact, as shown by a study carried out by a team of Smartpeg, the increase in the motivation of people in the workplace produces an increase in the value produced in terms of greater efficiency, better results and reduction of absences, which translates into containment of costs and higher revenues.

Performance of the increase in value produced as staff motivation increases


Starting from these reflections, Smartpeg has chosen to pursue a system of valorisation of the company’s human capital, structuring a welfare program that goes from incentive to continuous training to the provision of individual benefits for the personal well-being of each collaborator.

Smartpeg has chosen to put “the person at the center”, building around this principle its organizational model and, above all, has developed its business in the HR Management field by creating an integrated system of human resources management, which counts among the corporate clients, public and governmental organizations that make the enhancement of people the fulcrum of its structure and its purpose.

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